How to Sync Quicken To Your Mobile Device?

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How to Sync Quicken To Your Mobile Device?

No one can deny the fact that Quicken is the best financial management software. Users who are attached with Quicken usually feel the need of mobile version, so to resolve this dilemma, Quicken has introduced synchronization feature. Using sync functionality, one can view Quicken data files on their mobile phones. Also, it helps you track the changes taking place in your financial life.

Attaching your Quicken account with your mobile device is quite a straightforward process, but as most of Quicken users aren’t aware of this feature and its usage, we are here provide a step-by-step guide to assist Quicken users.

Important Note: Synchronizing your account with mobile device won’t help you restore your data files on mobiles. For that, you need a desktop device or Quicken mobile product. This service will only let you access your Quicken account and view changes.

Read the steps and follow them in chronological order:

For Windows:

First, open Quicken software on your desktop and follow the steps

  • Go to Quicken>>Mobile alerts tab. Some of the versions have “Mobile alerts” features under the tab “More”.
  • Tap on “Get Started” and choose the account.

Now open your Quicken mobile app.

  • Go to “Mobile alerts” and click on the option “Sync Now.
  • Now sign in using your Quicken id on your mobile app.
  • Tap in “Refresh” and you can view data files on your mobile.


For Mac:

First, configure settings on your desktop (Mac)

  • Open your Quicken on your Desktop, Select preferences and then Mobile alerts.
  • If required then sign-in again using your Quicken Id.
  • To switch on Mobile access use the toggle button.

Go to your mobile device to sync data.

  • Open mobile app and then Account>>Sync to mobile.
  • The circular arrow located above the account list will let you Update Online Account.
  • Now sign in to your mobile app with your Quicken ID.
  • Refresh your mobile app and the Quicken data is downloaded on your device.

If you are not so tech savvy or you are facing any hurdle while synchronizing your Quicken Mobile app with desktop, you can call Quicken contact number and get real-time assistance from certified technicians. Furthermore, in the case of urgency, one can avail remote access service and let the technicians perform essential steps.


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